Posted on Oct 4, 2018

Don Clark Realtor Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

A home inspection report is not an appraisal.
What's the difference between an appraisal and a Home Inspection Report?
The home inspection report and an appraisal are not the same. an appraisal is done by a licensed appraiser and they develop credible reliable opinions of value Based on many different variables Such as the cost method and the comparison method. From time to time I've had clients who have told me that they don't need an appraisal because they've had a home inspection. Though there may be some similarities between a home inspection report and Appraisal when talking about specific features in the home The home inspection is not an estimate of value.
All appraisals are not the same End all appraisers are not the same it's always best to choose an appraiser if you have the opportunity to find one who has done work in your area who's familiar with the homes and with the neighborhoods.
Just remember that every Improvement that you have made to your home does not necessarily add value, in fact, some improvements that homeowners have made actually takes away value because of outdated design Quality of improvement Title and conformity to the architecture or the flow if their home. An example of this might be very expensive and large bird bath that is large and ornate that sits at the entrance of a home it may be the most beautiful thing in the world and you may brag about it and how much it cost but the reality is from a resale perspective this bird bath is worth not
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